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Inspired by one of the founding fathers of Impressionism

The artist with a passion for gardening Claude Monet, the renowned La Belle Époque actress Madame Thébault decided to create a garden, planting the first tree in 1903. A local landscape gardener named Auguste Lecanu helped Madame Thébault to make her dream garden a reality. However, it is to Monet that the garden owes its ambient qualities, which have been carefully preserved until the present day.

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01 — History
02 - Gardens

Gardens plan

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Jardin Impressions
History of creation
04 - Collection

Gardens overview

05 - Tickets


In order to avoid long queues at the location please consider purchasing an online ticket.
12.50 € / person (1 April - 31 October)
8.80 € / person (10 February - 31 March, 1 November - 20 December)
Groups of 20+ persons:
8.50 € / person
11.50 € / person
10.00 € / person
Children of age 2-14:
6.50 € / person
Handicapped visitors*:
6.30 € / person
Children of age 0-2:

*Reduced rates for students, pensioners or people with disabilities are valid only upon presentation of an official document confirming this status. Base rate will be applied in the absence of supporting documents.

Online tickets will become available soon.
Daily, 10 - 19 h
Avenue Damilaville, 76790 Étretat, France
Dear visitors, dogs are not allowed in the Gardens. They must be held in arms or in a special bag during the visit.

Inaccessible for strollers and wheelchairs.
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