Etretat Gardens

About Etretat Gardens

In 1905, Madame Thebault, then a popular actress, planted the first tree on one of the cliffs of Etretat, and that was the beginning of the Garden of Life. Today, the Garden has been revived as a symbol of man's ability to follow nature.

The ideas of green sculptures were borrowed from the nature of the Normandy coast and finely interpreted by IL NATURE landscape architects, headed by Alexandre Grivko. The unique collection of contemporary art, skillfully incorporated into the Garden, shows off the space through the prism of art, opening new meanings and ways to perceive the world. Video.

A Haven of Tranquillity

A Haven of Tranquillity

Indulge yourself in the incredibly beautiful nature of this paradise of calm, near the Gulf of Etretat. Enjoy a breathtaking view.

Etretat Gardens will take you to another reality, where plants are transformed into rocks and merge with a coastline on the horizon, where the unique collection of contemporary art, skillfully combined in the idea of the Garden, will open new meanings and ways of perceiving the world.