Le Havre-Etretat: A popular destination

Le Havre-Etretat is a popular destination, with architectural, cultural and seaside treasures complemented by nature and some exceptional visitor sites. The UNESCO World Heritage Site and cradle of Impressionism can be explored at the same time as those world-famous cliffs.

Le Havre: a green city

Le Havre turned to the world. Go to the Hanging Gardens, a former military fort of the 19th century, converted into gardens of the world in tribute to botanists explorers from Le Havre and returned from their expeditions with rare species of plants. Greenhouses of culture, greenhouses of collection, strongholds dominating the estuary of the seine and the bay of Le Havre, the sight is impregnable there.

Another curiosity is the Japanese garden, a rather surprising, original, quiet and peaceful place set back from the travel circuits, well hidden away from view near the headquarters of the GPMH.

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2020-04-16 Россия
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