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01 2019

Double Jeu

17 May 2019 – 31 Oct 2019 Les jardins d'Etretat

Double Jeu (Man and Nature: Double Game). The exhibition explores interplay, interdependence and interconnectedness of man and nature.


The garden is conceptualised as a living sculpture and an architectural composition made up of live, constantly growing and changing trimmed plants. The goal of the exhibition is to explore how the natural environment shaped by man correlates with sculptural forms and artistic ideas and enter into a dialogue leading to the transformation of natural garden space. Oscar Wilde at the turn of the 20th century believed that what is found in life and nature is not what is really there, but is that which artists have taught people to find there, through art. Les Jardins d’Étretat has invited sculptors from various countries to interpret this in their work.

Les Jardins d’Étretat is a creative experimental laboratory and an open-air museum of contemporary art, whose display consists of permanent and temporary expositions. The permanent display is an ingenious and witty dialogue of sculpted topiary and contemporary sculpture that communicates striking individuality and unique atmosphere to the gardens. Artworks are an indispensable core of the garden, whose main message, artistic integrity, dramaturgy and general ambience would have been lost without these sculptural highlights.

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