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Well-forgotten old effective treatments for suicidal moods and depression

In France, as in one of the most developed countries, the number of suicides began to decline gradually. Unfortunately, the French National Center for Monitoring Suicide and Depression has published the latest disappointing statistics. According to the Center, France has an average of 24 suicides per day, or one per hour. We are not mentioning depressive states. For example, in Etretat, in the north of Normandy, France, suicides occur several times a month.

The cliffs of Etretat, a real wonder of the world, annually attract a huge number of tourists from around the world in Normandy with their extraordinary beauty. This favourite place attracts not only admired tourists, but, unfortunately, people with suicidal tendencies who wanted to take their own life in this beautiful place. This anomaly can be traced in many parts of the world: Kjossffossen Waterfall (Norway), Aokigahara Forest (Japan), Verdon Canyon (France) and many others. Among the mass of reasons, I would like to draw special attention to the increased risk of mental depressive disorders, including clinical depression, among urban residents who rarely spend time in nature.

A group of scientists from Stanford University in the United States, including biologists, psychologists and environmental experts, conducted a series of experiments. Participants strolled in the fresh air in nature for 90 minutes. Indeed, it was noted that there is a calming of the nervous system and the level of self-destructive thoughts is significantly reduced. While those who went on a 90-minute walk around the city (urban areas) did not observe anything like this, they were tense, they had highly depressive symptoms and self-destructive thoughts. A series of experiments proves the direct inextricable relationship between man and nature, as a whole.

Scientists from the University of Michigan tested the effect of the garden landscape on the mental state of a person and proved that regular sightseeing of beautiful landscapes has a calming effect and also affects our cognitive abilities. Their experiments showed: after a walk surrounded by spectacular landscapes, the test results of the study participants improved by almost 20% compared with those who walked through urban areas before writing the test. Highly artistic haircuts in the garden are able to develop imagination, imagination and arouse creativity, which has a calming effect on the central nervous system of a person and relieves him of depressive thoughts.

Тhis idea was a based that the gardens, where artistically trimmed plants in unusual forms are widely represented, help to develop our basic feelings, form a holistic picture of the world, have a beneficial effect on a person's communication skills, awaken creativity and help in social adaptation. What can be considered as an innovative method of treating depression and the prevention of suicidal behavior, to achieve high efficiency in this field of psychotherapy, in addition to the existing standard pharmacokinetics.

Psychotherapists also point that children are inherently less prone to depression and suicidal thoughts due to the high natural level of positive emotions. Unfortunately, the statistics of childhood suicides and depression began to increase due to active urbanization and the provocation of urban stress. The life and upbringing of children in the city has a negative impact on the children's psyche. Clinical experiments claim that children spending more time in kindergartens and parks in which there are unusual forms of trimmed plants, namely neo-futuristic fairy haircuts, enhance the perception of beauty, color, symmetry and balance in nature, as well as improve imagination. All this has a calming effect and increases the level of endorphins ( a "hormone of happiness ‘').

Gardens Les Jardins d’Etretat concerned about the situation and decided to conduct a study on the effect of short-cut plants in unusual forms on the psychological state of a person, which led to the conclusion that they have a calming antidepressant effect and also relieve destructive thoughts.

Les Jardins d’Etretat is a green oasis on the steep windy cliffs of the Norman coast. The garden was created and based on the principles of neo-futurism (fabulous unusual plant cuttings). One of the definitions of neo-futurism is that it is the cross-pollination of art, advanced technology and ethical values, combined to universally improve the quality of life, as well as the reassurance of a person in space (high relaxing effect).

Les Jardins d’Etretat are evergreen flowing short-cut compositions. There are no sharp corners and sharp tense lines in the haircut, which has a meditative effect on the viewer. The choice of plants that remain green for four seasons of the year was made for a reason. The constant monochrome green color creates a sense of stability, helps to dispel negative emotions, is associated with spring and youth, even in the winter season, and also heals and soothes the nervous system.

Forms of plants in the garden make imagination to reveal the creative potential of a person. Les Jardins d’Etretat garden consists mainly of sheared plants, which embody the landscapes and nature of Normandy in different shapes: sea spirals twisted from neatly cut bushes, as well as the English Channel and other bizarre shapes created by human hands from living plants. Smooth paths with a soft rustling surface, a walk along which can also calm a person from stress.

Garden Les Jardins d’Etretat does not have a precise stylistic orientation. It is an experiment in creating a new style as a garden of the future, subordinated to neo-futuristic ideas, consisting of smooth rounded shapes that have no beginning and end, symbolizing the sign of infinity. Recently, neo-futurism has advanced rapidly in areas such as construction, architecture, engineering, fashion industry, and more recently, this style appeared in landscape gardening, where Les Jardins d’Etretat was the founder and pioneer.

Psychologists pointed out that people liked the neo-futuristic ideas and lines - their flexible, unusual forms have a relaxing effect. Monochrome and minimalism dominate her.

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