Help from home and have a personal garden in your pocket

The ongoing situation, regarding multiply increased load towards the healthcare system, efficiency, and safety of medical staff and the health of the population as a whole, is taken very seriously in Les Jardins d’Étretat. We believe that the majority of our followers are conscious of following basic rules of safety, such as staying at home, keeping social distance and adhering to rules of personal hygiene, as this following globally allows us to save as many lives as possible.

However, there’s always something else to be done, and the current situation suggests that we have to help all those heroes who are fighting the disease at the forefront. There are two links on our website: the first one leads to HPHF Foundation, where you can donate any amount to make the difference in the fight against COVID-19, while the second one presents our new fancy wallpapers for smartphones to cheer you up!

Of course, no one will stop you from visiting just the second link, but remember that visiting both makes at least two lives better.

For helping HPHF Foundation

Our new fancy wallpapers for smartphones to cheer you up

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