IV. Jardin d’Aval
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Jardin d’Aval is a meeting and resting point for the garden’s visitors. The tale of Alice in Wonderland inspired it. The garden is magically surrounded by fanciful plants and numerous yew arches symbolising the famous Aval cliff of Étretat. Jardin d’Aval boasts a rich collection of orchids, their blooming flowers enhancing the garden's air of surrealism with their unusual colours and shapes.

The Table and Two Benches

Every piece in this 10-metre-long furniture set has been made from a solid old oak block by the German sculptor Thomas Rösler.

The Tree Hugger Project

This environmental project by Agnieszka Gradzik and Wiktor Szostalo came into life as a humorous attempt at illustrating “100 Ways to Hug a Tree Without Looking Stupid“. The sculptures on display were made from fallen tree branches and wood waste. The artist’s ‘wicker people’ hugged trees in seven countries around the world. However, after taking part in the UN World Climate Summit, the project took on more serious ecological overtones. How long will the people living on Earth feel connected with nature?

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