I. Jardin Avatar
List of the gardens
Jardin Avatar is located at the entrance. Avatar is a Sanskrit word meaning the material appearance or incarnation of a powerful deity, goddess or spirit on Earth. Jardin Avatar is a gateway that leads visitors beyond the bounds of reality, into the magical realm of surrealism. There even trees make music. Strikingly trimmed plants beckon the visitor to step into a fairytale where anyone can find a path to their own Avatar.

Clockwork Forest

The installation Clockwork Forest was created by Greyworld, a British group of artists best known for its public-activated art, sculpture and interactive installations in public spaces. Clockwork Forest is the first chapter in the new fairy-tale yet to be told. Turn the key, and a clockwork melody will accompany your every step, as you wander through this magical garden.

Sea Shell

This installation, made from a plastic membrane by St. Petersburg-based artist Alyona Kogan was commissioned especially for Les Jardins d'Étretat. The installation transforms a clifftop into a seabed, instantly changing the viewing angle and recalibrating the scale of its surroundings.


The large trunk of an old oak tree served as material for the work by German sculptor Thomas Rösler. The tool marks left on the wooden surface narrate the story of its creation.

Garden gallery

Garden video gallery

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